You are striving for great impact, growing your company to make a significant change in the world, and feel pressure to make it all happen. Since 2002, hundreds of organizations and executive leaders have trusted Trebuchet Group to help them achieve great accomplishments through creating great teams. We are driven to equip you and your team to make your impact. Together we can engage your team, increase shared clarity of goals and roles, and align efforts so everyone is in their sweet spot. 

We're headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, and we work with clients locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

If your team is doing great today, and you want to make sure they're ready for who you need them to be three years from now, let's talk.


chris hutchinson, ceo and abundance influencer

Chris is Trebuchet Group's founder and leader. He helps clients through facilitation of small and large group retreats and meetings, coaching and mentoring executive leaders, and presenting on effective leadership and teams.  More >


diana hutchinson, coo and success enabler

Diana is the chief operations officer and project manager for Trebuchet Group.  She enables success for the business and our customers by keeping us all organized in a positive way.  She supports our clients with services including transformational coaching, facilitation, training, and project management. 
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gurudev khalsa, principal consultant and value optimizer

Gurudev leads our clients through strategic planning and works with leadership teams to optimize profitability and organizational impact. He draws upon 30 years of corporate and nonprofit facilitation of diverse organizations, enabling him to help companies engage multiple perspectives toward common goals.  More >

jana sanchez, senior business advisor and clarity promoter

Jana specializes in helping people magnify what they’re passionate about and connecting them to resources and people. In her work at Trebuchet Group, she uses her extensive background in organizational management and marketing to help companies get clarity around where they need to go and the confidence to find the right path to get there. More >

katie huey, director of operations and cohesion curator

Katie keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. She is responsible for scheduling, setting up client assessments, regular communications, and supporting all members of our team.  More >

suzanne coffman, senior business advisor and insight activator

Suzanne believes individuals work at their best when they experience the value of their contributions and recognize the impact they have on their team. She loves to help her clients feel safe enough to stretch themselves, and is master of creating fun experiences that help groups achieve the confidence and clarity they need to accomplish great things.   More >

our associates


When we need to augment our team, we work with other businesses who are not only world-class - they also know how to collaborate with us and our clients for sustainable success. More >


Joining our team

We are looking for team members who are self-motivated, interested in growing their impact, and care about achieving results.

We are looking for Advisors to add to our staff.


Team members must share our key values...

  • Practice transparency and vulnerability that serves

  • Live an ongoing commitment to betterment

  • Appreciate the best of what is

  • Be brave and love people

  • Embrace differences and discomfort

  • Work as a team - we're stronger together

...and have skills to assist teams in getting clear on what they want to achieve and working better together to accomplish their goals.  
Relevant skills and experience include facilitation, leadership coaching, organizational development, change management, team-building, process improvement, and consultative selling. 

If you share our values and have the motivation and relevant skills, let's talk

why a trebuchet?

We are often asked about our company name and logo.  

Are you curious?  More >