We partner with other professionals when our customers need specialized services. 

When we need to augment our team, we work with other businesses who are not only world-class - they also know how to collaborate with us and our clients for sustainable success.

lynnette stephens

Lynnette helps clients develop employees’ talents to meet company goals. She is dedicated to helping others and businesses work together to increase capacity while staying true to their core values.  More >



bryan slade

Bryan is known for his unique ability to help organizations use the latest scientific research, and apply it in their own day-to-day sales, leadership, and customer service challenges.  Through his company, RB Slade Associates, LLC, he channels his passion for teaching, coaching and consulting to help organizations and individuals grow. More >

diane zile

Diane is a champion of people.  Along her journey as a strategic human resources executive, she discovered her passion - creating environments where people can do their best work.  Through her company, Jera Partnerships, she provides strategic planning services, leadership development, coaching and culture integration consulting to our clients to find the right alignment so staff and leaders can work at their best.  More >  

michael clingan

Michael is Trebuchet Group’s process improvement and team-based problem solving guru.  Michael helps our clients, through his company, The Claymore Group, achieve their best futures through aligning goals and people, improving processes and finding “and” solutions.  More >

pam goedde

Pam is a human resources all-star.  She has a unique talent for listening and helping clients’ understand their needs, implementing a program to address those needs and supporting her clients all the way through the process.  Pam assists our clients through her company, Goedde Consulting, LLC, and provides clients with leadership development, assessments, training, and facilitation services.  More >

tammy barnett

Tammy excels in helping organizations and employees develop leadership and communications skills. From her experiences in developing and conducting training programs, Tammy understands clients’ needs and is able to adapt to meet those needs.  She helps our clients through her company, T.R. Barnett and Associates.  More>

philipp steger

Philipp embodies the word coach when counseling clients. He helps individuals mold themselves from the ground up, think long-term, develop a plan to achieve their goals and stick to their commitments no matter what the challenges may be.  Through his company, Philipp helps our clients find a better way of doing things, change habits for the better, and become their best selves.   More>

karina mullen branson

Karina is a visual facilitator, specializing in creating sketches, large-scale maps and hand-drawn videos to communicate complex ideas, processes, and stories. She serves our clients through her company, ConverSketch Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation. More >

richard reardon

Richard provides organizational development consulting and executive coaching to support CEOs and senior leaders in sales and leadership.

ruth pankratz

Ruth helps people build their image word by word, through resumes and marketing communications.  More >

steve marshall

Steve coaches and consults, helping clients see beyond their day to day tactical focus. He supports our clients through Steve Marshall & Associates. He has significant experience helping hospitals, health care, and nonprofits with strategy and fundraising. More >