A Special Offer for Leaders

Increase Your Company's Performance with our new Leader Assessment™

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to improve a company's performance is to improve the leader's performance? In other words, the best place to start in taking your company to the next level is with you.

We hope you've benefited from our last three newsletter articles, covering how leaders interact with their organizations, their people, and themselves . Read on for summaries, and then learn about our offer to go beyond these ideas to start improving your leadership effectiveness:

Where You Look Is Where You Go

  • Many things that go wrong in a company seem to be due to influences outside of the leader's control.
  • Some of these things - such as dead-ends, surprises, and frequent strategy changes - can actually be minimized if you take a different approach.
  • It's easy to think about day-to-day details because they're immediate, but your job as a leader is to look ahead and deal with the big picture.

Things Only Get Done When I'm Here

  • As a leader, one of the most important things you can do is empower your team to function without you.
  • To empower your team, you must engage them.
  • To engage your employees, get them involved in the process and planning, not just carrying out tasks.

Your Organizational Problem is Closer Than You Think

  • The harsh truth for you as a leader is that if your company is dealing with challenges, you are most likely contributing to them.
  • The remedy to making the impact you desire is to make sure you are aligned as a person first.
  • Make sure make your strengths, desires, passion, and actions are all in alignment before you tackle any organizational issue.

Introducing your jumpstart to improved leadership: Trebuchet Group's new Leader Assessment™

The impact of leadership improvement can't be overstated - its effects ripple out to employees, the organization, and beyond. Improved leadership can have a profound effect on your company now and many years into the future.

We're very proud of our work helping our clients improve their leadership, and our leadership mentoring and coaching participants tell us they appreciate results like:

  • Engaged team members doing their best work
  • A deeper sense of satisfaction and increased capacity to lead others
  • Ability to better deal with challenging situations
  • An enhanced personal sense of purpose
  • Improved overall results from their teams

Yet there's a challenge. Most of our coaching engagements last 9-12 months - and while we know they're highly effective, we've found many leaders and companies aren't yet ready to commit that much time, energy, and funds to improve their leadership.

So to help more people get started improving their own leadership, we created a new product that includes only the initial assessments and interpretation portion from our standard leadership coaching.

Our Leader Assessment™ is built to allow you to quickly learn where you can focus on improving for the greatest benefit to your business - without having to make a long-term coaching commitment.

This valuable package includes a 360-degree review of leadership behaviors, and assessments covering personality strengths and core values. We also provide personal and confidential guidance on how to begin using your results.

The investment for a Leader Assessment™ is just 8 hours of your time and $2,500 for the materials and coaching. While direct impact of work like this is often challenging to calculate, our clients frequently tell us that going through this set of assessments has had a great immediate, and long-lasting, impact on themselves and their businesses.

We're ready to help you improve your leadership. Are you?

To take advantage of this new offer, call 970. 672. 4749, or send an email with the subject "Yes! I want to improve my leadership" to assessments@trebuchetgroup.com

This pricing/offer is good through December 31, 2012.

Chris Hutchinson