How long can we (collectively) hold our breath?

Okay, the economy is in the pits. Businesses are having a rough time getting credit. Consumers are nervous, politicians are nervous, everyone is nervous. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

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But life goes on and business goes on. The basics are still the same. Yes, we have to work harder, yes we must pay attention to details. Yes, we've got to be better at what we do.

I believe that good companies can become great in times such as this.

I believe that leaders who are good can, through this adversity, become great, build great organizations, serve their employees, their customers and their communities.

Lee Porter

Lee Porter

Enough breath-holding! Let's take this opportunity to improve our relationships, our skills, and our sense of purpose. It's vision that drives us, and it's vision that will take us to new heights.