18 minutes of brilliance (give or take)

Just a short note on an emerging resource you may or may not know about. TED talks - found at www.TED.com - are little powerful pills of information that just might rock your world. 

I won't go into too much detail describing how they got established and how they have grown from the original high-end version to many hundreds of local versions known as TEDx.

Here's a TEDx presentation on leadership that I found both affirming and fascinating:

One word of caution: don't go exploring the TED or TEDx material unless you have an hour or so - and you don't mind getting your mind blown here and there.

What are some of your favorite TED(x) presentations?

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

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Chris Hutchinson

As CEO of Trebuchet Group, Chris Hutchinson thrives working with clients and his team to improve organizational clarity, teamwork, and leadership impact.

After years of building Legos® and tree houses around the world, Chris earned his Mechanical Engineering degree and followed that with an MBA. His experiences in the military and the business world taught him great leadership can be learned, and everyone is in some way a leader.

Clients and peers describe him as an inspirational catalyst for positive change. He is the author of Ripple - A Field Manual for Leadership That Works.

Chris and his wife live, garden, and bike in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have four children. He has an unrequited love affair with brownies.