7 tips for effectively walking around - newsletter follow-on

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“Take a walk around your organization” is very good advice. How you do it is the trick because it could backfire.

Here are some tips on how to do it so it is effective as the first step to engaging or re-engaging or increasing the engagement of your employees:

  1. Pick a department you want to visit. Know the names of the people you know you are going to run into. Ideally it is best if you know something about each person’s family, hobbies, social life, etc.  
  2. Call the employees by name and be friendly. Walk around with a smile.  
  3. Visit with as many employees in that department as you can and as you have time for. Make sure that they are hourly workers as well as supervisors and managers.
  4. Do not flaunt your authority.
  5. You want information from your employees. A demanding stance or impatient look won’t get you what you want.
  6. In order to get information, you have to give it. Come prepared to tell each employee something that will be meaningful to them.
  7. Know what information you want to get. You might not get candor the first time you walk around. If you have the attitude of wanting to help the employees be successful and care about your employees, and you are authentic about it, in time the employees will look forward to your visits and will open up to you.

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Carole Crane 

Carole Crane