Tips you can use: ActiveInbox

Here at the Trebuchet Group, we value effectiveness.  So, we are always on the look out for tools that help make our work more effective.

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Recently, we've been experimenting with a great little Gmail plug-in called ActiveInbox.  If you have ever been a student of David Allen's Getting Things Done, then you will instantly see the value in this tool.  It seemlessly integrates your email with your GTD system.

If you have ever felt that your email has control over you, this may be your salvation.

There is a great free trial to get started, and should you decide to create an account we'd have you know that we've loved the responsiveness of their support.

Also, all of their tutorial videos are done with a British accent.....huzzah!

Josh Schuler, Senior Advisor and Communications Jedi

Josh Schuler, Senior Advisor and Communications Jedi

If you give it a try, let us know.