building team success

High turnover and low morale

When you’re used to being the one in charge, you’re used to taking on the responsibility for making sure your company reaches its goals, maintains profitability, and operates effectively … and sometimes this leads to a bit of tunnel vision with potentially unrealistic expectations of management and staff.

Don, founder and owner of a large organization with multiple franchises, had a reputation for managing with a heavy hand. His “get it done or else” attitude pushed division managers harder with each passing quarter. And without taking into account the surrounding market conditions, his approach managed to escalate turnover and frazzle the nerves of the company’s top talent.


Sometimes the solutions to business challenges are quite simple and easy-to-implement. The hard part is being able to be objective and gain an outside perspective – especially when you are the one leading the charge. In Don's case, all he really needed to do was be able to take a step back, listen, and learn to approach the goals, needs and concerns of his company in a more diplomatic manner. He recognized the need for his company to find a better way to plow through the barriers and climb to new heights, but he didn’t know how to get there.

To prevent burnout and the potential loss of the company’s most productive managers, Don engaged Trebuchet Group. Chris listened to Don and his employees and proceeded to work with the core management team to identify the real obstacles that were impeding company success. Don and others quickly realized that it takes objectivity to see the real problem hiding beneath the surface.


Chris helped the company’s teams take ownership of their own leadership and need for accountability. By helping to pinpoint root causes, Trebuchet Group was able to help Don and the other leaders within the company learn to work collectively to find solutions. This resulted in stronger morale, reduced turnover and team ownership of both company setbacks and successes.

Don moderated his heavy-handed approach by learning to take a step back when business conditions warranted and step in when constructive leadership and support was needed. Ultimately, Don's company achieved and maintained new levels of market growth while making substantial improvements in manager retention and employee satisfaction. And the best thing is that their customers are happier too.


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