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Denver Cherry Creek Rotary: Taking the 4-way test to the next level

Chris will be speaking at the Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club on strategic planning and team building for non-profit groups. 

The 4-Way test is one of the key principles used by Rotary members worldwide.  In this presentation, you’ll learn some models to expand your thinking about the 4-way test.  You’ll gain insights into new ways to apply these foundational principles in business and personal relationships.  Leverage your leadership in serving others.

Key takeaways:

·         Determining the truth when most of your stories are wrong

·         Being fair to all by meeting others at eye level

·         Using everyone’s crayon in the picture to build goodwill and friendships

·         Aligning your and others’ needs to benefit all with the cascade of needs

Denver Cherry Creek Breakfast Meeting Programs: 
This is a free event! Non-Rotary members welcome too! 

Come join the Denver Cherry Creek Rotary at 7:00am on June 16th, so you can enjoy visiting with our members; have a delicious breakfast, have fun with Happy Dollars and hear a weekly speaker. All of this happens by 8:30am.