expanding to a new market

Many successful businesses reach the point where they need to expand. Maybe it's into another building, or in another city. Either way, how do you keep the company headed in the same direction when you can't be there to guide every decision?

Paul and Lonnie, founders of a successful transportation company, had recently expanded to a nearby geographical market. They were concerned about keeping the two divisions aligned.


The company hired Trebuchet Group to lead their team through a Picturing the Future workshop. The team wrestled through to figure out what the real outcomes they wanted were. For example, instead of "technology" as an outcome, they realized that what they really wanted was seamless scheduling. The group used multi-voting to identify the top ten outcomes key to their ideal picture of the future.


Paul and Lonnie's team got a clear picture of where they wanted to go. With their list of what good looks like, they have a tool that helps make decisions easier -- which in turn helps them move toward their joint picture of the future, together.


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