strategic clarity + goals to roles™

Do you suffer from functional silos, with each part of the organization looking out for their own success? Would you like to have clarity and agreement around the most important goals in your business, and who is doing what to make them happen? This work session gets past the typical “vision, mission, blah, blah, blah…” tediousness and enables clarity for all participants through interaction and conversation about what matters most. Based on Patrick Lencioni's book, The Advantage, we lead your team through the most important questions for shared direction and success.

This program is a 1 - 2 day event designed to increase a team’s effectiveness by creating a sense of joint purpose. It helps the entire team understand what is most important, and put their role in the framework of the organization's purpose. 

Strategic Clarity: The first portion of the workshop strengthens alignment of the entire team around Lencioni's first 4-5 strategic questions

Patrick lencioni's six strategic questions from  the advantage

Patrick lencioni's six strategic questions from the advantage

  • why the organization exists and who it serves
  • what core values does the team truly live by
  • what they collectively do
  • and what strategies they will use to succeed

Goals to Roles™: The second portion of the workshop takes the strategic priorities identified in the Strategic Clarity session and translates them to the day to day activities. 

Here we answer the last two Lencioni questions

  • what's most important right now
  • and who must do what

Participants build a scoreboard with a joint rallying cry and key elements to achieve that overarching goal. Then they identify who will do what and create a system to track progress. One difference with our process is we include the day to day standard operating objectives in the priorities for the team and individuals to help set the team up for success they can achieve.


Example playbook with answers to strategic questions + team scoreboard

Example playbook with answers to strategic questions + team scoreboard

Based on the joint priorities, participants identify how they will contribute to both the defining objectives and the day to day operations. The team can then make sure the priorities are covered. If not, they decide together how to get more resources or narrow their priorities.