jana  sanchez


Helping people understand the magic of what Trebuchet Group does is Jana’s primary focus. She is responsible for our messaging, promotion, and booking speaking engagements for our staff.

Jana’s passion is helping people develop and share the stories and messages that are most important to them. She’s been telling stories professionally for more than 20 years. And for the last decade she’s been dedicated to helping people share what they’re passionate about and connect with others.

Her Bachelor’s degree is in Theatre Management and Production and she holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and Corporate Culture. She thrives working with diverse groups of people and opinions to develop and achieve common goals.

With an extensive background in both nonprofit fundraising and marketing, she's had opportunity to dive deeply into how crafting effective messages, rooted in honest emotion, and built around clear action, attract results.

Outside of her work with Trebuchet Group, Jana organizes Ignite Fort Collins and runs several small businesses. She teaches public speaking and presentation skills, and writes for several publications in Northern Colorado. She also runs LaunchNo.CO, a startup and small business focused meetup that provides education to businesses in operation less than three years. She’s currently researching for her book, The Neuroscience of Making Memorable Messages with the hope it will be published before her teenage daughter gets tired of being a test subject.