lynnette stephens

Lynnette has a gift for recognizing the training needs of a team to meet a company’s goals.

Lynnette gained her experience in fast-growing companies. As a result, she understands the challenges a growing company faces. She also knows that what worked with five employees will not work with thirty - or 100. She helps clients adjust management approaches and training to meet the company’s needs.

Along the way, Lynnette found her passion - developing employees’ skills to meet a company’s goals. When she moved into a c-level position, she realized her toolbox needed new tools. She needed to do things differently. So, she worked hard to educate herself and change her habits. When she did, she found she could positively influence her team, her peers, and her CEO.

Lynnette’s hard work led to her recruitment to a new role. Working as a management-training consultant, she traveled across the country coaching first time, mid-level, and senior managers. Now, she brings her passion and experiences to help our clients. 

Lynnette holds a master’s of business administration from the University of Colorado and a bachelor's of science from Colorado State University.

When she is not pursuing her passion of helping others develop their talents, she enjoys being CMO (chief mom officer) in her own family.