steve marshall

Steve Marshall coaches and consults for Trebuchet Group's clients through his company, Steve Marshall & Associates.  He helps clients see beyond their day-to-day tactical focus. He has significant experience helping hospitals, health care, and nonprofits with strategy and fundraising.

With over 35 years' experience in revenue and organizational development, planning, leadership, and coaching, Steve comes to the table with real-world skills and deep insight. 

Steve has led building and capital expansion campaigns at hospitals, colleges and large non-profit associations. Steve worked for three prominent national consulting firms and for himself in on-site, supervisory and executive capacities. His work has included revenue and organizational development work for national, regional and community projects and involved hospitals, medical centers, educational institutions, national and community-based organizations.

To Steve, living has been all about the experience – lots of them in the military, adrenaline sports, education and the health care world. Coupled with his lifelong curiosity about most things that he doesn't know, Steve feels uniquely qualified to comment and ask lots of questions.  His quest is to make things the best they can be, to see more people tap their untapped potential, and to create workplace environments where all that can happen.

Steve enjoys life to the fullest with two Golden Retrievers. He served on numerous boards in Washington and Colorado, assisted in the creation of the Fort Collins Bicycle Retailers Alliance and is thrilled to see Fort Collins become the 4th City in the nation achieve the Platinum designation as a Bicycle Friendly City from the League of American Bicyclists.

“I've never lost my curiosity about things that interest me…I haven’t yet done everything, but by the time I’m finished, I won’t have missed much. If I auger in tomorrow, it won’t be with a frown on my face. I've had a ball.” Chuck Yeager

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