why a trebuchet?

A trebuchet is a type of throwing weapon that works by using the energy of a raised counterweight to throw a projectile.  It has a sling at the end of the throwing arm which further multiplies the force. These principles are very simple, yet create an incredible impact when they are working together.

We picked the trebuchet as part of our logo, to represent that aligning the simple and powerful principles involved in leadership and teamwork can result in an incredible positive impact for each business.

Our first logo was developed in 2002:

2002 TG Logo.png

Our logo changed in 2006 to represent our focus on sustainability and helping businesses thrive.  

Letterhead top copy.jpg
Thriving Sustainable Model.jpg

This logo showed a Venn Diagram, representing how we help companies look for elegant solutions that meet multiple needs simultaneously.

Ideal solutions simultaneously meet the needs of the owner, customers, people in the company, profitability, and the community and environment for as long as desired.

We support companies in all these with our core areas of leadership, marketing, teamwork, sales, systems, and vision and direction.


trebuchetlogo and tag-RGB 600 dpi.jpg

In 2007 we moved to our current logo, a stylized version of a ball being thrown.  Our logo returns to the trebuchet concept, and shows our focus on action and client results.