Northern Colorado Coaches Philanthropy

To raise awareness about the power of coaching, and to support local groups making the world a better place, a group of coaches in Northern Colorado partner with selected nonprofits to provide coaching for their leadership team members.

The purpose of this page is to answer some common questions about this program, and to show information about the participating coaches for those picking who they would prefer to work with.

Thanks to Trebuchet Group for hosting the Northern Colorado Coaches page on their website. Thanks to our project organizer, Maria Swall.


  • What can I expect from the coaching?

  • How long will the coaching last?

  • What kind of topics can be covered?

  • Will information about what we talk about be shared with our organization?

Maria Swall.jpg

Maria Swall

Maria works with….


Diana Hutchinson

Diana often works with leaders who have taken on new responsibilities. Diana serves as a thinking partner, enabling her clients to spiral up into new ways of thinking and solutions that work for them in their new role. She helps leaders identify where they want to go, what is getting in the way, and how they can build on their strengths with specific actions they will take to get there.

Diana provides coaching through her business, Trebuchet Group.

Carl Diershow.jpg

Carl Diershow

Carl loves to support those who are making a difference in the world. His coaching helps his clients moving their purpose from talk to action to results. He helps his clients be able to do more good in the world and help more people.
Carl provides leadership coaching through his business, Small Fish Business Consulting.

Bob Nedbal.jpg

Bob Nedbal

Bob’s coaching approach centers on progressive Co-Active and Agile principles, and research on human behavior, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. His coaching emphasizes self-awareness and emotional competency as the foundational elements for improved decision-making, effective self-management and in turn, authentic leadership.

Bob provides coaching through think2perform.

Jason Veliquette.jpg

Jason Velequette

Jason’s coaching approach views the client as a partner as he seeks to facilitate a creative process, where deep listening and thought-provoking questions develop new awareness and possibilities. He takes into account the whole person and the situation, opening new avenues of learning. His approach includes client development of action steps which encourages ownership and personal responsibility. 

Jason has a knack for identifying strengths and gaps of leaders and believes that leaders are at their best when learning and serving. Jason earned his Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation in 2016. He teaches with Blue Mesa Coaching and serves as a mentor coach to other coaches.

Jason provides services through Sequoia Leadership Group